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Not only can Voldemort not stop the rock, he enjoys lead vocals. [entries|friends|calendar]
Wi Rock! For the BEST in Wizard Rock! =]


Wizard Rock is the musical expression of Harry Potter fanatacism: fan fiction, roll playing, and fan art all creatively transformed into song. Wizard Rock bands sing in a general way about the wizarding world that J.K. Rowling has created, as well as about specific aspects of the story from the perspective of a variety of characters.

Wizard Rockumentary

(c) ljcandy

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October 16th, at 8:52pm]

November is a huge month for the fandom with the first installment of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows coming out.

But the fun doesn't stop there!

That same weekend is the -

NYC Wizard Rock Festival

More information including band line up under the cutCollapse )

September 10th, at 4:11pm]

Did someone already post this?

January 9th, at 11:18pm]

I'm participating in a ceiling tile project in which I paint a ceiling tile with something science-like.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

The tile should have a cute phrase on it, and a picture.

The thing is, the teacher requested a Harry Potter-science related tile.

I can honestly think of nothing science-like that has to do with Harry Potter.

Any help would be truly appreciated!


Wrock Montreal! [Thursday
June 12th, at 12:00pm]

[Not sure if this is allowed...]
The wrock band Dobby Kills Hedwig have organized a wrock concert in Montréal!

Montréal, QC
July 25th, 7:30 pm
All ages

bands performing:
The Butterbeer Experience,
Tonks and the Aurors,
Swish and Flick,
The Chocolate Frogs,
The Chinese Chomping Cabbages

Tickets are $11 in advance and $13 at the door.
All proceeds go to Book Aid International

For full details and to buy tickets, go to WrockMontreal.wordpress.com

Help Wanted [Monday
February 4th, at 7:49pm]

tunes_daily is in desperate need of Mods and back-up Mods!

A link to the application is at the community.

And if you don't feel like being a Mod, join the community anyway.

Free music is always a good thing. ;]


Filling the Void [Friday
January 25th, at 8:21pm]

Hey all you wrockers! Are you a LiveJournal or LJ-Clone user who wishes there was more wrock around those sites? Not to fear, Wrockstock feels your pain and is here to save the day!

Wrockstock now has a community for all you blogging Wrockstockers on each of the big blog sites! You can now find links to all the info you need about wrockstock, updates on bands and merchandise, and other great wrockstockers right from your favorite blogging site! All Wrockstockers are welcome, past present and future! It's a great place to meet other people going to Worckstock or people who just love Harry Potter and wrock! Click the links below to find the right community for you!

Wrockstock on LiveJournal

Wrockstock on IsaneJournal

Wrockstock on JournalFen

Wrockstock on GreatestJournal - COMING SOON!

Happy Christmas from WZRD! [Tuesday
December 25th, at 12:33pm]

The gals of WZRD are proud to present Episode 25 of WZRD featuring Georgia from Riddle TM! The Holiday Episode! :)

Songs featured include:

Fred and George-Nagini
Follow the Red Sparks- The Weasel King
Luna's Anthem- Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons
O Holey Night-Ministry of Magic
Hogwarts: A Pudding-Riddle TM
Phoenix Song-Harry and the Potters

Download directly-here. (Right Click and save as)
Listen at the blog-here.
Subscribe to us-here.

We hope you enjoy this episode! Look for us back soon! Whatever it is that you celebrate this time of year, we hope it is a joyous one. ♥

Love from,
Jamie and Amy-The WZRD Team


Episode 24 with Erin Pyne! [Sunday
December 16th, at 11:55am]

Even after some mic problems Amy and Jamie are back for Episode 24 of WZRD!

The Ballad of Mr. Percy Weasley-Peeved
Hogwarts is Home for Christmas- The Brothers Black
Of Family and Liberty-The Victorian Wizarding Romance Society
Moonchild (Dementor's Kiss)-The Halfblood Princess (Not the one You're thinking of! This one is from Sweden!)
Potter Addict-The House of Black
Mary Sue-The House of Black---Check it out! The House of Black just released the music video for this song. It's fantastic! Go here.

I promised to link a few things as well! :)

The HP Alliance
Harvey Putter

Download directly. (right click and save as)
Listen at the blog.
Subscribe with Itunes, etc...

We hope you like it. We'll be back soon with another episode! Keep wrockin!

Love from, Jamie and Amy

Episode 21 of WZRD! [Friday
November 23rd, at 7:17pm]

We are proud to present the 21st episode of WZRD!

Join Amy and Jamie as they talk about Wizard Rock news and interview Drama from the Switchblade Kittens!

Songs featured include:

"A Little Bit" by Stellar Veela
"To Fred" by Potter Noyz
"Voldemort's Lament" by Hogwarts Trainwreck
"Ode to Harry Potter" by Switchblade Kittens

There are a few words that might be offensive to certain individuals. Nothing too bad, of course, but we thought we should give you fair warning. :)

We hope you enjoy it! Remember if you want your music, news, or just want to be a guest on our show PLEASE email us at wzrdrock@gmail.com! We'd love it. Thank you.

* Views held by Drama Kitten or any other guest we have on the show are not necessarily those of WZRD: Your Wizard Rock Station

To download it directly, right click and save as-here.
To listen at our blog, click here.
To subscribe to us through itunes or another program-click-here

We hope you like it!

O.O [Monday
November 5th, at 9:42pm]

=]Collapse )

That SO made my day. XD

WZRD RPISODE 20 [Thursday
November 1st, at 4:04pm]

The WZRD Ladies are proud to present the 20th episode of WZRD! This episode includes an interview with members of Striking Down Diggory, lots of music, news, and our the announcement of our contest winner!
Songs featured include:
"Thestrals" by RiddleTM
"All Was Well" by Striking Down Diggory
"Voldemort's Lament" by Hogwarts Trainwreck
"My Phoenix Song" by The Escapators

To listen at our blog, gohere.
To download the file directly right click and save as (or click in firefox and pick save) here.

To subscribe through itunes or another tool, go here.

Happy Halloween!

P.S. this is just a fun little Halloween treat we made for you guys! Hope you like it! If you'd actually like to physically download it, right click & save as here.

HogwartsIsHome. =] [Monday
October 1st, at 4:52pm]


Have fun earning points for your House! Join HiH today, and tell them an Order member sent you. ;]

Epispde 19 of WZRD! [Sunday
September 23rd, at 11:21am]

Yes! The 19th Episode of WZRD is here!

Join Amy for the latest info on Wizard Rock gigs and more!

Songs featured are:

Wizards Who Died - Remus and the Lupins
Occlumancy - Lonesome Norberta
Save Ginny Weasley - Harry and the Potters
Reflections of Desire - Mirror of Erised

To download our podcast right click and save as here. To listen directly at our blog click here.
You can subscribe through itunes here or go directly to our rss feed to subscribe using another program here.

Look for our next episode coming soon! ♥

Love, Jamie and Amy

Our myspace

Remember to enter our contest! Listen for details!

WZRD EPISODE 18! [Wednesday
September 19th, at 10:27pm]

Jamie and I are proud to present the 18th episode of WZRD: Your Wizard Rock Station!

We have a very fun interview with Patrick of the Hinky Punks! You can check out his forum here!

Songs featured on this podcast include:
"Everything He Does is Magic" by Stellar Veela
"Hey Ginny" by PotterNoyz
"Basically The Man" by the Butterbeer Experience
"The Pursuit of Sanity" by The Hinky Punks
"Look at Me" by RiddleTM

You can download the podcast directly Right Click and Save target as, listen at our blog, or subscribe to us through itunes or another program.

Remember feedback is welcome. If you're a band who wants us to play a song, email us! If you're a fan with an idea, email us! You get the drill. You can get into touch with us at wzrdrock@gmail.com or message us on our myspace.

See you all soon!


Edit from Jamie: I must still be out of it (sinus and ear infection, but yay antibiotics!) I played the song from RiddleTM we played last cast instead of the one I meant to play this time! I hope you all can forgive me. It's so good that it's okay anyway! :)

Remember to enter our contest! AMAZING PRIZES!!!

August 27th, at 1:49am]

Jamie and Amy are proud to present the 17th episode of WZRD! This is a very special episode featuring various bloopers from the first 16 episodes! Hope you have fun laughing at with us!!!

Songs featured include :

The Instigators by The Weasle King
Look At Me by Riddle TM
These Days Are Dark by Harry and the Potters
Autumn Note by Hollow Godric
I've Had Harry Potter Inside Me by The Whomping Willows
Here in Your Car by Ministry of Magic
End of and Era by Oliver Boyd and the Rememberalls

To download this directly right click and save as (or just click and save as on some browsers) here.

To listen directly at our blog, click here.

To subscribe through itunes use this link.

We hope you enjoy it!

Lots of love, Jamie and Amy

WZRD episode 16 [Monday
August 20th, at 1:06am]

Jamie and I are proud to present the 16th episode of WZRD!

On this episode: An interview with Lizz from Wizrocklopedia, news, and music!
Music featured:

'Oh Harry' by Moon Over Hermione
'Shadows by Severus' by Ginny and the Heartbreakers
'Romilda v. Myrtle' by Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons
'I'm a Ravenclaw' by Miss Metamorphmagus
'Judgement' by The Sectumsempras

Right Click and Save as/target as
Listen at our blog!


Remember that feedback is love! Thanks for those of you who have already given us some!
You can email us at wzrdrock@gmail.com, go to our website or our myspace.

Love you all,
Jamie and Amy

A Postcard from Wrockstock [Friday
August 17th, at 5:57pm]


Hello and Dancing to Wizard Rock [Wednesday
August 15th, at 10:02am]

Hello. I am a new fan of Wizard Rock. Since I belly dance I immediately knew I would have to add Wizard Rock to my dancing songs.  So if you are going to Gen Con Indy 2007, or know someone who is, visit Different Drummer Belly Dancers on Friday for a belly dance salute to Wizard Rock! Our dance schedule is here and I would really love to meet up with other fans of Wizard Rock and Dance!!!


Wrockstock Spooktacular 2007 [Tuesday
August 7th, at 4:35am]


We're the St. Louis Area Wizards, and we are pleased to present Wrockstock Spooktacular 2007! The Wrockstock Spooktacular is a music festival, not unlike Woodstock, dedicated to the awesome Wizard Rock Bands out there. All procedes from the WrockStock will go to The Harry Potter Alliance. Here's some general info about the show:
Name: Wrockstock Spooktacular

Dates: October 26-28, 2007

Location: Trout Lodge, Potosi, MO

This will be a relaxed weekend full of HP fun, wizard rock and halloween-y goodness. Two nights of music- one electric, one acoustic. Other activities will include a Triwizard Tournament, Nearly Headless Nick's Deathday party, HP crafts, plus it's a choose-your-own-adventure weekend, where you can create your own schedule of daytime activities based on what the Lodge offers.

Stop by wrockstock2007 for more details about this awesome event, and to find out how to get your tickets! We hope to see lots of you Wrockers there!

~Swanky, wrockstock2007 mod

New Wrock band! [Sunday
July 29th, at 8:20pm]

[ mood | naughty ]

Meet Moldyshorts and the Dung Eaters!

To find them, follow this fakecut:
Rock out or eat dung!


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